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Support us : Get Creative!

How can I get creative in helping the campaign?
If you want to raise funds for us, then as well as getting creative around sponsorship events, people with creative skills are welcome to use their skills to support us - there's actually an option on our contact form for this.   Your help can take many forms.  For instance, if you are gifted at making / editing youtube videos and the like, that is an area where we would welcome help.  

Or, if you are into arts and crafts, you could make and sell stuff, and the proceeds can be donated to feed and support Christians directly (we realize that in this time, people need to support themselves, so no problem if you only donate some of it, just as long as you are up front and honest with your buyers about how much, if you let them know what it is for - and we do encourage giving out this website address).   

If you are a musician, or some other kind of performance artist, you can do several things.   You could create and record a performance just to raise awareness.   (For a past example of someone doing that to support a Pakistani Christian, see here).  As long as you don't imply our endorsement of any particular video, just add a link to our website in the description.   You're welcome to contact us for advice, and we encourage you to educate yourself about the issues too.  

Secondly, you could put on a live performance (online or otherwise) and have a tip jar or online equivalent, and send the funds our way.   Alternatively, you could use tools to put the performance on behind some sort of paywall or equivalent, and grant access only when a ticket is purchased.   Maybe add a teaser video or half a song video out in public.   If you don't know how to do it, google is your friend here!   

We may in the future set up our own youtube or similar channel and invite people to do something similar - videos only available to those who donate or buy a ticket.   

Anyway - over to you!  Let us know what you are doing and please do contact us (option 3) for a bit of general advice and help.  
What proportion must I give? Is there a minimum?

We recognize that people need to support themselves.  All we ask is be honest and open with those you sell if you are advertising it - make it clear whether your '50%' is of the sale price, or profits after costs.   We suggest a minimum of 10%, but it's up to you.   

Watch this space - constructive observations and suggestions are welcome, and we will be flexible and open to trying new things.  

If you want us to advertise something as being in support of this campaign, we would expect a higher percentage.  

One of the CIC's involved (Melody of the Mind) might well have an e-commerce outlet opening soon, which would give another opportunity to raise funds through your creative work.   If you might be interested, drop them a line at 

How can we educate ourselves more? And is there any general advice you can give?

Well, familiarize yourself with the content of this website.  We will be putting more information up on our blog page over time.   Sign up for our news emails.   

There are also other sources out there.  Here are a few useful articles to start off with:

This BBC article is mostly a pretty good summary.

This article from a Catholic site highlights some example of aid discrimination in the current crisis.  

This article describes a recent incident where a Christian was tortured and murdered in a fashion unfortunately far from uncommon.  

Although nearly a decade old, this highlights the way impoverished Christians are often trapped in the worst jobs.  

As to general advice, our focus in this campaign will be on the need, and not on the causes of the need, and we strongly suggest it would be wise for you to do the same.   That's not to say that the causes of the desperate situation of Christians of Pakistan don't urgently need to be addressed, but there are all sorts of potential pitfalls on this hot topic.   At the least, be very careful when you touch on the reasons why Christians need such help.   Obviously to explain the need, some background is necessary, but do try and do so sensitively and moderately.   

General FAQs

Find out a bit more about how we operate, and what you can do to help.  

Can I claim Gift Aid? Are donations tax deductible?

Gift Aid and tax

Gift Aid can not be claimed as the entity involved is not a charity.  Instead it is a Community Interest Company, a non-charitable form for not-for-profit companies in UK law.  

As to validity for tax deductions, we can only urge you to seek professional financial or tax guidance from qualified professionals to find out if donations to this campaign are tax-deductible in your jurisdiction and situation.   

Can I donate to help a particular case?

You can ask.  However, we can’t guarantee it – for instance, it may already have been paid for and we haven’t yet updated our pages.  However, we can guarantee that it will go to meet similar need. 

Why is this campaign only for helping Christians? Isn’t that discriminatory?

Firstly, this is because Christians in Pakistan constitute a religious minority who suffer a severe disadvantage, discrimination and extreme persecution.  There are other such minorities, chiefly Hindus, but they will have their own charities and support.  As Christians, we are indeed commanded in the Bible to do ‘good to all’, but that we should do good ‘especially for the household of faith’. That said, it is not uncommon practice for Christian ministries on the ground to give ad hoc help to other needy people.  For instance, a mainly Christian village might give support to deserving and needy local people from the majority faith if they can get no support elsewhere and have not engaged in anti-Christian or extremist activity.  We leave it up to the people on the ground, as they know their local situation best, as long as the vast majority goes to Christians. 

Do you discriminate between denominations?

No.   Our work is interdenominational (surprisingly, between the two CIC directors, we actually manage to cover at least five or six widely differing denominational streams of Christianity - Seventh Day Adventist, Catholic, Anglican, Pentecostal / Evangelical and Messianic).   We will support any Christian group or denomination on the ground.  By Christian, we mean those who can affirm the Apostles and Nicene creeds (allowing for those who have difficulty with the controversial ‘Filoque’ Nicene creed clause).     

Why do you also support Pakistani Christians outside Pakistan?

In many cases, particularly in Sri Lanka and south east Asian countries, asylum seekers from Pakistan, of whom Christians form a large proportion, face extreme difficulties in supporting themselves and surviving, and often local churches are overwhelmed and unable to fully help.  Such issues are likely to be worse under the worldwide Covid 19 pandemic and ensuing issues. Thus, although it is not our main focus, we may, where we are satisfied of the genuine need, supply funds to help Pakistani Christians elsewhere in the world. 

I am worried about giving money to scams. How do I know this is for real?

That's a valid concern and a fair question.   If you go to the page 'Who is behind this campaign' you can find out a bit more about us, plus there is a section on our ethos and goals that specifically addresses these kinds of issues.   

Can you say more specifically where the money will go?

Well, we have to protect our recipients, plus it may change over time, but we are going to give priority to those who initially have appealed for help to us, in that we aim to give to their needs as steadily as we can, depending on donation levels, and any excess each month we may give as and when we can to other areas, or charities, etc with low overheads that aim to meet the same need.  At the time of campaign launch, such priority locations include a mainly Christian village within 60 or 70 miles of Lahore, and some mainly Christian slums in a city in Sindh province.  We will produce reports and information online which will provide as much detail as we can whilst seeking to minimize any risk to the recipients (and those administering the money on the ground). 

Is there anything else I can do to help?

Well, apart from raise and/or donate money, you can spread the word, especially to people you know who might be interested in helping save these lives (especially if you happen to know they have cash to spare!).    You can also pray.   In the long term, seeking more sustainability and breaking these vulnerable people out of the poverty trap would be far better than just sending food in the next crisis, so we would be interested in hearing from people, businesspeople and the like, who may have ideas for job generation for them.  One of the CIC directors already have some ideas from talking to Christian slum women in a recent trip there, but further suggestions are welcome.  And, as we said in the Get Creative section above, if you are creative, maybe use lockdown to create something - not necessarily even to raise money, but to spotlight the plight of these much persecuted people. 

We are a business that wishes to donate. Do we need to do anything special?

We won’t turn away a donation privately made, generally speaking.   However, if you wish to publicise your donation in some way, it is best if you approach us first.  This is, in part, because there are quite likely one or two issues you need to consider that you may not have thought about.   Drop us a line on our Contact us form to discuss some more, in this case.