Sponsoring translation work

28.06.20 06:54 PM By Nathanael Lewis

Supporting our helpers on the ground.  

This current crisis has hit the Pakistani church hard, because the usual outside help in times of crisis just isn't happening, due to the global nature of this crisis.  Of course, the vulnerable are hit the hardest.   Reports indicate that the local church has stepped up with greater co-ordination to make best use of what resources they have, and local Christians who are better off have stepped in to help.   

One of our contacts talked of his wife selling jewellery to get funds to help the needy people they knew.  (Jewellery in Pakistan is often used as a kind of easy - access store of wealth, something that can be kept close at hand, and quickly sold if need.).    

In response to this, we have been thinking about how we can help our contacts on the ground earn money.  Typically, they are educated people with good English, so one idea is to seek sponsorship to pay them to get translation work done.    

We have set up a second reference code if you want to support the work in this way - HC0002.   Any payment using this code will be used for supporting the work, either IT costs (minimal) or towards translation work to provide for those helping on the ground - and if we receive too much in this area the excess will go to the main need of feeding the hungry.   

Additionally, if you want to support them by paying to have something of your own translated for you (to or from Urdu, and possibly also Hindi or Punjabi) then get in contact via our form using option 10 to discuss it (but please note that these are not, for the most part, formally trained translators).  

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