Where and how we help.    

06.01.22 08:50 PM By Nathanael Lewis

Where and How we help.  

We currently have two locations where we help out.

Location 1 is in a rural area in Punjab, quite typical.  There are lots of local Christians who are bonded labourers - (intergenerational debt slaves) - slaving away in brick kilns, mainly.   Each month we provide money to help give money for food, to help some of them avoid tsarvation, as well as other occasional medical emergency needs.   We work through a local pastor.    Also the bonded labourer parents of the children desperately want a school built for their children to break the cycle of poverty, debt and slavery.     

Location 2 is in one of the big cities, where we act through a local activist, who outside his day job, helps impoverished Pakistani Christians, often in a nearby slum area.     This tends to be more ad-hoc.  We have helped in medical emergencies, burial of murdered children, reconstructing the roof of a widow in a slum-dwelling after monsoons destroyed it, helped gain an old blind man his sight, and much, much more.   

We very occasionally also send a little aid to a location / church in Bangladesh.    
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