The Tragedy of Little Chris Javed

20.06.20 10:31 PM By Nathanael Lewis

The little boy who encapsulates Pakistani Christians state

4 year old Chris Javed in hospital, after despairing Christian father poisoned himself in a murder suicide

This little boy, Chris Javed, is kind of like the icon for our campaign, the other victims of Covid 19 that we don't see.   Unlike the pictures we are familiar with from the news, it wasn't the virus itself that is the cause of him being hooked up on oxygen, fighting a loosing battle for his life.   His tragedy encapsulates the despair and desperate situation of Pakistani Christians during this Covid 19 crisis.   His father is - was - a poor labourer, out of work due to the Covid 19 crisis, in one of the Christian slum areas of Karachi, a major Pakistani city on the coast.   With no work for months, the despair of being unable to feed his family led to what you see in the picture.  Little Chris was the eldest of his children.  Chris had two younger siblings.  According to our source on the ground, he couldn't afford to even buy baby milk powder, so in despair he poisoned Chris and them himself in a murder-suicide bid.   He died, little Chris lingered on for a couple of days in intensive care, as you see in this picture, before he slipped from this life, leaving a bereft mother and widow, with two little children to feed, and no means to feed them.   

When I first got this picture and plea for help, I was already giving to elsewhere in Pakistan to save lives.  For me, Covid 19 has meant more money available because working from home means no money on commute (and associated eating on the go), so I was able to send some money, a drop in the ocean, but something.    But my job is a pretty low paid office job, and though I have been able to pay off rent arrears for the devastated widow and some thing to feed them for a little while, so maybe you can help share the burden?   Our source on the ground says that it's about £110 for three months rent, and about £50 per month for essentials to survive.   Every little helps for these people.   

As we shall see in the next post, this far from a unique situation, so even if one person provided for this family, there is plenty more, and maybe together we can save some future little Chris's, Christians, from the same tragic outcome.  

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