Little Badal, baby of bonded labourers needs your help

21.06.20 12:14 PM By Nathanael Lewis

Enslaved parents plead for help for baby boy in pain.

Baby Badal, 4 months old, in pain, in urgent need of funds for a medical op

The doctor who was consulted on this little baby boy says that costs, including travel, hospital stay, accommodation for a family member during the stay, the operation and medicine will be about £250.   The family are bonded labourers, essentially a form of slavery.  This happens when families have to borrow money, often for food or essential medicines to survive.  They then have to work off their debt, which, even if they don't have to take out more debt, often means forever - their food and other stuff is deducted, interest is added, and as they are illiterate, it is common for them to be deliberately deceived.  Bonded labourer debts can be and often are passed down through the generations, so children will grow up as bonded labourers, trying to 'pay off' their parents or grandparents debt.  Although illegal in Pakistan, in reality, it is still a common practice, and Christians and other minorities are a very large portion of those caught up in it.   

Baby Badal is in pain, and urgently needs an operation.  And his parents can really do with not having to finance it by putting themselves and future generations of their family further into slavery.  Can you help them and people like them?

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