Another despairing and cheated Christian father tries to kill himself

20.06.20 11:13 PM By Nathanael Lewis

Cheated of pay because he refused to renounce Christ

The results of a persecuted Christian's despair

This is Johnson Ejaz.  He is 26.  With his wife, he has a year old child.  He is a factory worker, and for the last three months, the factory owner has refused to pay him for his work.   So Johnson approached his employer and said 'Sir, my wife has a child and I need money.  I have to pay for food, and gas and  electricity bills to pay', but his employer said 'No, I can't pay right now'.    

But it turns out that this was simply not true, because then the factory owner turned round and said 'If you convert to Islam, I will give you lots and lots of money', but Johnson refused: 'No, I can't do that because I believe in a living God, and that our Jesus Christ is alive'.


He still had a starving child and wife to feed, and no money to be able to support them.   He got so angry and upset and despairing at the situation that he doused himself in petrol and set himself alight to try and kill himself, with the result that you see in the image.  

Now there are medical needs as well as that starving child and bills to be paid.   Our contact on the ground reports that doctors have told Johnson that he needs several operations urgently, cost expected to be around £600.  

Can you help, not just Johnson and his family, but help other starving Christians in Pakistan, so that other Johnson's can have a different story, of life and not death, of hope, instead of despair?  Can you show kindness to counter the cruelty?

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