14 year old girl kidnapped by gunmen on way to work

28.06.20 08:08 PM By Nathanael Lewis

Yet another case of predators preying on Christian girls

Picture of 14 year old girl
Saira Shahbaz, 14 year old kidnapped at gunpoint on way to work.

One of our contacts in Karachi told us a little while ago about this young lady, 14 year old Saira Shahbaz.  She was on her way to work when she was kidnapped at gunpoint by three men.   We have checked with our source, and there is still no news of her whereabouts or condition.  

However, given that this is, unfortunately, a regular situation in Pakistan, we can have a pretty good guess.  Typically such situations involve rape or gang rape, and then either being forced into the sex-trade or being forced to convert and marry someone, typically her rapist, a process in which the courts all too often collude, even though it is illegal.  

We ask for prayer for her situation.   

It is highly likely that she was going to work simply out of desperate need for her family, given that many Christians in Pakistan are facing a situation and starvation and there is often no support available.   


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