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Giving by card - SALSOL Literacy
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Our Commitments about your money
Giving by card - near Global giving

You can now give by card securely from most places in the world.  Please note, we do not hold any of your card information.   All such sensitive information is held by a global and respected payment processor that we use, Stripe.  We have set up links below so you can donate in either multiples (up to 99) of £1.25 or £25.00, meaning that you can do a mix and match to pay what you can afford without the extra hassle of setting up more complex payment methods where you choose the precise amount.   Please note, however, that the smaller amounts attract higher transaction costs and are therefore less efficient.   

As we continue our work, this section may have additional options to pay towards different specific parts of our work.   In addition, for transparency, we provide our commitments below about how we will use the money you have donated.   

General Giving - these will be used for any purpose relating to the campaign objectives.   

Regular Giving.

H4PC General Giving Monthly Large

This link is for making monthly payments that are multiples of £25.00.  You can set the monthly quantity from anywhere between 1 and 99 (£25.00 to £2,475.00). 

H4PC General Giving Monthly Small

This link is for making monthly payments that are multiples of £2.50.  You can set the monthly quantity from anywhere between 1 and 99 (£2.50 to £247.50).

One off giving

This link is for making payments that are multiples of £25.00.  You can adjust the quantity from anywhere between 1 and 99 (£25.00 to £2,475.00).   

This link is for making payments that are multiples of £1.25.   You can adjust the quantity from anywhere between 1 and 99 (£1.25 to £123.75).

Giving by card - SALSOL Literacy

SALSOL.   Sow A Little Seed of Literacy.   

One of the major elements of the intergenerational poverty cycles for Christians in Pakistan - especially the debt slaves - is lack of education and literacy.  It's a vicious circle.  They can't afford the fees to educate their children, so their children are forced to work in the brick kilns rather than go to school.  The mothers are desperate to have a school to break that cycle.  We have the opportunity to build a school in an area with many such slave families who desperately want their children to be educated.   The land is brought, but building the actual school and then paying for staff is still lacking, and needs your help.    It can be built classroom by classroom, we don't have to wait until the full amount comes in.   Depending on equipping levels, it will take about £20,-£25,000 to build (5 classrooms and an office), and when fully built, staffing will be about £3,000 in staffing costs.   So about £4,500 per classroom (plus portion of the office).   Can you help.  We have (March 2022) a pledge of the first £500, but can we do much better, to hit the ground running.   If we get in excess, then the extra money will go to other projects helping to break this cycle of impoverishment of mind and pocket.    If you want to give to this need specifically, here is the links for you to do so.   

Giving from the UK

If you are giving from within the UK  you can give by direct transfer to a dedicated account of the Community Interest Company administering payments for this campaign.   You must reference your donation HC0001 (or HC0002 if you are wanting to sponsor translation or other behind the scenes support, or any HCxxxx reference quoted on particular causes or campaigns), or else they may take it as being a donation for their general work rather than this campaign 7.   We don't provide confirmation of these payments unless you approach us to ask.    If for some reason you can't make that reference, or you want confirmation of payment, you can make the payment and then contact us.  Alternatively, although costing more for us, you can pay by card using the links in the 'Giving by Card' tab to the left, a method which gives you the usual payment by card protections.    

(Each payment will incur a £0.20 charge to the business, but it's still more efficient than our donation button). 

Bank : Tide

Account name : Melody of the Mind CIC Causes

Sort Code :23-69-72

Account number : 1600 2903

Reference for general giving: HC0001

Reference for sponsoring translation and other support work HC0002

Our Commitments about your money

How much and where?

How can I know the money isn't just used to profit the businesses behind the campaign?

We don't count this money as income or profit.    We ring fence this, it's put in a separate bank account.     'We' is the two Community Interest Companies who jointly run or sponsor this campaign, although one takes the lead role in administering the payment process - see here for more information.    For clarity, the two CIC's share one director.   Both CIC's have quite different missions in their constitutions, but on this issue, they overlap.   We have set things up so that your donations go as directly and fully to the need on the ground as we can.    

What percentage of my money will go to the need on the ground? (please note this does not apply to the 'General Support and Translation work' giving option).   

We make a commitment that in the worst case scenario an absolute minimum of 80% of your money will go to need on the ground (and usually it will be a lot more).   That's 80% before, not after, any transaction fees.    If you compare that to typical UK charities, that's not too shabby.   How do we do this?   Well, we ring fence the money, as we have said, and whilst we reserve the right to take a small percentage to cover costs (see below) we will only do that if we absolutely need to.   If we can subsidize costs through other areas of our business, we will do so.   

Worst case scenario is if you were paying the smallest possible amount on a non-European card, the transaction fees are nearly 20% (from a European card, it is around 17.5%).    As you pay more, the percentage fees get far less, so that, for instance, even on the non-European card - which is a higher percentage - if you paid just £25, it is down to about 3.6% (about 2.2% on a European card).      Go bigger and it will eventually get down to just under 3% and 1.5% respectively.

So here are our commitments for almost all giving (these do not apply to the 'Translation and General Support' giving (code HC0002), for which special rules apply.  

Absolute minimum of 80% of your money on the 'Smaller giving' (multiples of £1.25) will go to the need on the ground, and it will usually be more like 90%.   

Absolute minimum of 90% of your money on the 'Larger giving' (multiples of £25) will go to the need on the ground, and it will usually be more like 95%

So how much money goes to the organisations behind this campaign?

Will we take any money for ourselves?    We reserve the right for each CIC to take up to 2.5% each for administration costs, if necessary.   These will be counted as income.    However, we will aim to do this as little as possible, and the combination of transaction costs and administration costs will NEVER go beyond the 20% / 10% maximum in our commitments.   

So what about those exceptions?

There are two basic exceptions.  Firstly, we will give you the opportunity, if you like what we do, to donate directly to the CIC's for their general work.    This will count as business income for them.    That means we are less likely to deduct anything ourselves from regular donations.    These will be clearly marked as such.  


The other exception is what we call 'Reference for sponsoring translation and other support work' (code HC0002), and the only reason we have this separately is because of an extra wrinkle and we want to be transparent.     The usual about card fees apply.    This code is another way to help Pakistani Christians in need, other than just giving to emergency food and medical needs and the like.    For those with ability, especially those who are activists on the ground or help their fellow Christians, with funds we can pay them to do translation work, in particular, that of Western resources that can help the Pakistani church, and also pay them - many have sacrificially given of their own resources to help their suffering brothers and sisters, but are now limited in how they can help.    If their are other ways that translation that we can operate on this principle with individuals with particular skill sets, we will, making them in a better position to help others.  

This way, we can help them with gainful employment, and reserve all of the main donations for the most needy on the ground.  The wrinkle is that translation work of this nature may not always be specifically Christians in Pakistan, but also Pakistani Christian activists in this country or other western countries, including one of our directors.  Our commitment on this point will be that an absolute minimum of 50% will go to actual Christians in Pakistan, particularly those on the front lines in helping others - pastors and activists or their family members - and an absolute maximum of 25% will go to Pakistani Christians in the UK directly linked to this campaign (directors or their family members).     

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