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Giving by card - coming soon
Giving from the UK or EU
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Giving by card - coming soon

We don't quite have this facility yet, although we do aim to have it set up soon.   In the meantime, bank details to make a direct transfer if you are in the UK or EU are available in the next tab (and in any case, in most circumstances, it is more efficient to give that way, due to the card processing fees).  

Giving from the UK or EU

If you are giving from within the UK or the EU, you can give by direct transfer to a dedicated account of the Community Interest Company behind this campaign.   You must reference your donation HC0001 (or HC0002 if you are wanting to sponsor translation or other behind the scenes support), or else they will take it as being a donation for their general work rather than this campaign.   If for some reason you can't make that reference, or you want confirmation of payment, you can make the payment and then contact us via the contact form below (there is a dedicated option for you to select).  

(Each payment will incur a £0.20 charge to the business, but it's still more efficient than our donation button). 

Bank : Tide

Account name : Melody of the Mind CIC Causes

Sort Code :23-69-72

Account number : 1600 2903

Reference for general giving: HC0001

Reference for sponsoring translation and other support work HC0002

Giving from the rest of the world

Unfortunately, we are currently unable to accept donations from outside the UK or EU by direct transfer at this time.  

In the meantime, for reference, since we use pounds in our posts, If you want to check what your payment currency converts to in pounds sterling, you can use this to help:  

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