• Give a little for the hopeless who have nothing

    Help for Christians Hungry and Helpless in Pakistan

    ‚ÄčThe Covid 19 Crisis (combined with a huge locust plague) has had a devastating effect on Pakistan, and its already vulnerable and severely persecuted Christians have taken a heavy hit.  Many are starving.   They need your help.  

    Pakistan's Christian Community is on Life Support!

A Cry for Help

My name is Nathanael Lewis.  Here is my story - of how this campaign website came to be.   

I was already giving several hundred pounds a month of my own money to help starving Christians in a Punjab rural area.   That would help maybe 5 or so starving families a month.  That one pastor had over 50 starving families in his area.  

Then I got a cry for help from an old contact in a major city in Sindh province.  A father, out of work, unable to feed his small children, in despair.  He poisoned his oldest son, a four year old, before killing himself with the same poison.   That's the boy in the picture, Chris Javed.   Within a couple of days, he too was dead, leaving a devastated and vulnerable young widow with two younger children, no money, no hope, and the next three months rent due for their dwelling in the slum.   I gave what I could to help, but the need is far greater than I could begin to tackle.   

But I  have contacts in Pakistan who can help meet the needs if only we can get the financial means to them.  With the support of several UK based Christians of Pakistani heritage, I have set up this scheme.   But the financial bit, that's where you come in.   Help us to help them.  You may not have much, but so many of them have nothing.   Give now!

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Who is behind this campaign, and how will it work?

This campaign is being administered through a Community Interest Company I run.   Previously, I have been involved in human rights work supporting the Christians of Pakistan with another organisation.   

The CIC has as one of its purposes the supporting of vulnerable Christians.  

  • We operate by getting money to local Pakistani Christian activists and church pastors on the ground to meet urgent needs.  
  • We will be taking next to nothing for our organisation apart from campaign costs so that the maximum money gets to the need on the ground.   
  • We will produce regular reports for as long as the campaign lasts summarising the money received and how it has been used.  We currently expect the campaign to last no longer than a year, but this may change.